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Prevent Insomnia
1.     Take a glass of warm milk before going to bed daily.
2.      Do not watch television just before going to bed for sleep.
3.      Avoid chocolates and tea or coffee before bed time.
4.      Add powdered cumin seeds in banana pulp and consume at night.
5.      Apply sandalwood paste on your forehead for reducing stress.
6.      Rub curd on your forehead.
7.      Consume aniseed tea.
8.      Try to reduce your anxiety and stress.
9.      Overeating at night must be avoided.
10.   Consume a glass of milk with honey at bedtime.
11.    Start exercise, meditation and yoga to combat insomnia.
12.   Intake of half tsp of nutmeg powder before going to bed.
13.   Try to maintain a proper sleeping schedule. Get up and sleep at the same time every morning and night.
14.   Include raw onion salad in your diet.
15.   Include bottle gourd in your diet.
16.   Dip your feet in warm water for sometime before going to bed.
17.   Maintain a Work life balance in your life. This helps in removing stress from your life.
18.   Good diet and timely food habits are of great help in order to curb insomnia.
19.   Use a comfortable bed, mattress and pillow.
20. Tossing in bed is of no use in case you are not able to sleep within 20 minutes of going to bed. No need to unnecessary put pressure on your mind. Get up and do some activity for relaxation of your mind like reading books (should not be a thriller or murder mystery as you may then end up reading the entire book at the same night) or listening to your favorite/soft music.
21.   Take hot shower before going to bed.
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