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Normal Hair
1.       Comb your hair before shampoo so that the tangles may not lead to hair loss.
2.      Do not rub your hair violently with towel for drying up. Just press the hair along with its length.
3.      While conditioning, never rub the conditioner vigorously on scalp. It should be applied gently through the hair with fingers.
4.      Henna acts as a good conditioner and can be applied once in a month. Make sure that you include few drops of coconut oil in henna before applying.
5.      Protein conditioner should be used for a damaged hair.
6.      Oil free conditioner should be used for oily hair.
7.      Do not wash your hair with hot water.
8.      Avoid blow drying your hair.
9.      Comb your hair regularly.
10.   Apply hot oil massage at least once a week.
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