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Hand Care
1.       Homemade butter can be used to massage your hand once a week. Wipe your hand with moist cotton after massaging gently for 5-10 minutes.
2.      Make a paste from 4 tsp sugar and 3 tsp of oil. Gently massage for 2 minutes and wash it with water. Apply moisturizer to keep your hand moist.
3.      Apply cold cream on your hand at least once a week before going to bed.
4.      Keep your hand moist and soft by applying moisturizer at least 2 times in a day.
5.      Take 1 tsp sugar, few drops of lemon juice and mix it with rose water. Massage your hand for 5 minutes and wash with normal water.
6.      Keep a mixture of 1 tsp glycerin with 2 tsp of rose water. Massage your hand gently at least twice a week. Rinse and wash with water.
7.      Clean your hand with a scrubber. Rub gently and dip your hand in warm water containing a drop of antiseptic liquid soap, a pinch of salt and few drops of mustard oil. Keep your hand in the solution for 10 minutes and wash by massaging gently. Wipe your hand with a moist cloth and apply moisturizer. Repeat this at least once a month.
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