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Tips for Healthy Eyes
1.     Consume Amla juice with little honey.
2.      Consume equal quantity of carrot and cauliflower juice.
3.      Take one tablespoon of fresh parsley juice mixed in carrot juice.
4.      Start adding small quantities of parsley in your daily salads.
5.      Half a glass of carrot and beet juice mixed with one tablespoon of parsley juice is good for tired eyes.
6.      Make tea with dried but fresh leaves of hawthorn for short sightedness (myopia).
7.      Make jam by using raw honey and hawthorn for controlling myopia.
8.      Apply mustard oil on nails of both hand and feet daily
9.      Apart from the above home remedies there are simple habits to take care of your eye:
10.   Do not read books by laying down on bed or sofa.
11.    Try to close your eyes for 2 min after using computer successively for 30 minutes.
12.   Gently press your eyes with the help of your palm after every 30 minutes of constant working in front of computers.
13.   Do not read or write in dim light. It unnecessarily puts strain in your eyes.
14.   Do not forget to blink your eyes regularly while watching television or working on computer.
15.   Do not rub or press eyes too hard.
16.   Wash eyes in the morning while keeping your eyelids closed.


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