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Problems of Body Odour...Simple tips to get away with it
1.     Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day.
2.      Wash your clothes regularly as body odour lingers on clothes.
3.      Mix a tablespoon of rose water to your bathing water.
4.      Apply lemon with baking soda on underarms. It not only kills bacteria but also absorbs sweat.
5.      Say no to oily food.
6.      Use antibacterial soap to kill bacteria which gives rise to body odour.
7.      Clean armpits using vinegar.
8.      Avoid excessive tea and coffee.
9.      Add tomato juice to the bathing water.
10.   Mix tea tree oil in water and apply on armpits, neck, back and thighs.
11.    Rub slices of potato on your armpit to reduce sweat.
12.   Consume wheat grass empty stomach every morning.
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