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Decide for yourself

Ram, a Vice President with a leading MNC in India stays in a penthouse located in a posh area of a metro. After completing his engineering degree, he went to a renowned B School and completed his Masters Degree with flying colors. A workaholic by nature and tough taskmaster by profession, Ram’s career graph was going quite up as compared to his counterparts. He rose upwards from an executive position to a Vice President position in just 8 years. Quite commendable!!!

Extremely doing well in his profession, he is a proud father of a 6 years old son. Everything was going smoothly, until one day he suddenly tumbled down from his office chair and felt unconscious. Rushed to the nearby Hospital by his Team Members, he   was put into ventilator. His wife was sitting beside him, accompanied by his 6 years old son glancing at everybody with curious eyes as to what has exactly happened to his father. All are waiting for the doctors to comment as it was confirmed through grapevine that he has suffered a major Heart Attack and is in comma.
To get a glimpse of what his lifestyle was, please continue reading….
  • He use to daily woke up late rushing to reach office as per prescribe schedule, No time and scope for any kind of exercise, yoga, walk, swimming or outdoor games as he believed it to be meant for people crossing 50 years mark.
  • Breakfast was like a girl friend to him; He never had any girl friends in the past nor ever liked the idea of having in the future.
  • His work comprised of more sitting and working on his laptop till wee hours.
  • He hardly took any break with less emphasis on ergonomics which his company oftenly encouraged to follow.
  • Lunch was an integral part of his daily routine and he managed to grab heavy lunch until dusk, I mean as early as 4:00 PM in his cubicle.
  • The only thing which he followed religiously was having sips of Tea and coffee after every hour in a day…you can count the numbers yourself.
  • A pure non-vegetarian by nature, Ram never believed in having grasses and vegetables.
  • Above all he made sure to take just 2 glasses of happiness…varying from Vodka to Rum to Martini to the most favorite “Chivas Regal” every day before going to bed. This was a stress buster for him and he had developed this habit from his official parties which was an integral part of his organization culture.
Hope Nobody wants to be the next Ram in league and ruin a bright future leaving your wife and son all alone to face all worldly challenges.
Decide for yourself, Value your health and LIFE!!!
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