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21 Essential Habits for a Better Living
1.        Getting up early in the morning from bed and spending few minutes daily in conversation with your loved ones with a sip of tea in the morning makes your day’s start pleasant and happy.
2.        One must take at least 30 minutes walk daily. And while walking you can pass your infectious smile to everyone you meet. This is a unique way to remove stress from your life.
3.        Try to meditate at least for 15-30 minutes in a day. If not possible, you can lock yourself and sit quietly for 10 minutes.
4.        Make a regular sleeping schedule. Try to sleep at the same fixed time every night and get up at the fixed time in the morning. A good sleeping pattern and schedule gives you a healthy mind and body.
5.        Do not forget to summarize your main purpose of each day. You can maintain a checklist or mark in your calendar “My aim for today is to complete the following…” You can list the major activities and check the accomplishments at the end of the day. This is not only practiced by professionals at their work but can also be done by housewives as a good technique for evaluating your household chorus. This brings a sense of satisfaction on how productively you have spent your valued time in a day.
6.        Always try to prioritize your work, be it office or at home. When one sees a tree laden with mangoes, one tries to catch hold of those mangoes which are within their reach and can be plucked easily rather than trying to jump over the ones hung far from their reach. Thus, you need to complete those tasks first which can be easily accomplished by you and later deal with the complicated ones. This helps in managing your daily tasks most effectively and efficiently.
7.        One must appreciate people as much as possible. Appreciation is an art by which even your foes are ready to help and support you. It is like water, pour it on and see them grow.
8.        Do not forget small gestures of kindness and help. And at the same time try to forget small mistakes and faults of others. This definitely is cure of much heartburn.
9.        Try to find good in every situation. Remember God puts you in challenge so that you learn to overcome every obstacle with ease. God will not allow anything to happen to you which He and you together cannot handle. There is a famous saying “A diamond cannot be polished without friction. Likewise a life cannot be brought to its full potential without undergoing some challenge and hardships”. Learn from every situation.
10.   Never get tired of letting your loved ones know how much you care for them. Reiterate the same at every given situation or opportunity which will surely result in a much stronger bond and pleasant relationship.
11.   Give time to your family, your old parents/parent-in-laws, your siblings and your kids. They need your PRESENCE more than your PRESENTS. This is the best inheritance which one can give - “your most valued TIME”.
12.   Try to reduce or rather remove your bad habits as soon as you identify them. One can conquer bad habits more easily TODAY than TOMORROW.
13.   Be empathetic to people around you. Replace abundant EGO with little EMPATHY and see the magic. The real Odyssey of Life consists not in conquering places with ego but in seeing places with new vision of empathy.
14.   Learn to say ‘NO’ and accept ‘NO’. One clear ‘NO’ can save many headaches and heartaches.
15.   Be Patient. If you do not have it, build it. Patience is a quality that is needed the most when it is exhausted. By inculcating patience today one can stop a disaster in future.
16.   Life is too short to waste your valuable time hating anyone. Forgive people for their mistakes. He who cannot forgive destroys the bridge over which he needs to pass someday.
17.   A healthy argument boosts a good thought process. But the idea should not be mere winning an argument. Also do not carry any unhealthy argument of your past. Make peace with your past so that it may not hinder your present.
18.   Try to manage your time rather than wasting your time in managing money. Money can be earned back but your valuable time cannot.
19.   Never compare your life with other; you never know what others may be going through. The grass always looks greener on the other side.
20.   Happiness lies within. No one is responsible for your happiness except you. Do not take your life so seriously. No one else does.
21.   Last but not the least, You should make it a habit to Thank GOD before going to bed daily for adding one more beautiful day in your life.


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