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A to Z of Positive Thinking

A Appreciate people, Avoid fault finding attitude
B Be open in praising good work
C Correct mistakes inoffensively
D De-clutter your mind with unwanted ego
E Exponentially grow your mind with fresh thoughts every morning
F Feel and do charity rather than thinking that people may praise you. Public memory is short
G Give Instructions and not orders
H Happiness is not something to be enjoyed in isolation but to be shared and spread to all
I Intuitively think on new ideas for prosperity of self and all
J Jealousy can be removed by avoidance
K Know that by giving respect we get respect
L Listening promotes respect
M Make a promise only when you know that you can fulfill it
N No Expectation is directly proportional to peace of mind
O Offensive feeling when getting suggestions need to be drained out of mind. Feel the person is trying to help you out
P Prefer to be a leader and never a dictator
Q Quick Fix your enemies by your silence when they abuse you
R Respect each human beings’ individuality
S Simplicity of mind brings solace to every human
T Tell your near and dear ones how much you love them at least once in a week
U Use “we” approach
V Value and accept every person’s contribution in your life and see the change in their behavior towards you
W Words are to be spoken carefully as it can never be taken back
X Xtraordinary human beings are those who can forgive the people whom they hate the most
Y Your Thoughts make your World
Z Zeal to avoid friction is necessary

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